We are best friends in life as well as in travelling and the writers behind “Bestie Wanderer”, a travel and lifestyle blog.

We were born in Thailand in the early 1990s and we are now based in Bangkok. After finishing our degrees, we both worked in sale and marketing field for the world largest hospitality company.

Traveling has always been our passion so when the opportunity came, we couldn’t pass it up! We made the decision to create this blog in April 2017. The blog was created to document our travels as well as inspire readers to get out and explore the world for themselves.



The blog has features of hotels, restaurants and cafes because it is a big part of the experience for us. We firmly believe that a great hotel and a good meal help make the trip a great memory. With our background and experience in sales and marketing, we have a fine-tuned understanding of how to promote brands and their vision.

The blog is new, however since it was launched at the beginning of April 2017, it has grown rapidly with people from all walks of life.

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